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由DTCC连接人员| 2019年9月18日

Chan Boon-Hiong和Hasan Rauf在马来西亚工业论坛上讨论亚洲工业前景.

In August, market players from the buy-side, 卖方和托管人社区参加了在吉隆坡举行的年度马来西亚工业论坛DTCC, Malaysia, 讨论正规的买球赛平台业的行业趋势和发展.

The event’s theme, “Re-imagining Malaysia’s Financial Services Industry in an Era of Digital Disruption” served as a launch pad for DTCC Head of Business Development for Asia Pacific, 哈桑·拉乌夫和陈文雄的亲密对话, 德意志银行市场宣传证券服务全球主管, 收集他对行业前景的看法.

HR: As markets in South East Asia have been evolving with local firms diversifying their investment strategies to go cross border, 德意志银行在地区市场上看到了什么趋势?

CBH:市场趋势正在推动买方, sell-side and custodian firms to rethink their operating model and engage in continual business innovation to reduce operational risk and increase operational efficiency. At Deutsche Bank, 推荐正规买球平台看到一个巨大的焦点是外包来处理某些运营问题, 释放推荐正规买球平台,专注于核心业务活动. 除了投资者对ETF基金更感兴趣之外,机器人顾问也正迅速获得关注. The latter has resulted in investors enjoying the convenience of an automated investment experience and reduction in fees charged.

HR: Some markets like India and Indonesia have strict and regulated domestic practices that are not aligned with global standards. As a result, 在这些市场开展业务的公司将必须支持两种运营流程——国内和全球. 在亚洲这样一个分散的市场,德意志银行是如何满足这些要求的呢?

CBH: As a global firm, Deutsche Bank’s operating model essentially relies on a pool of centralized resources managing various internal processes to remove duplication and enjoy economies of scale. With that said, we must adopt a different strategy for different parts of the world to address local and regional market nuances. This involves leveraging local resources to navigate the complexity of operating in the domestic environment, 比如与当地监管机构对接, 地方中央证券存管机构及服务提供者.

HR:许多亚洲市场都缩短了结算周期, 从而缩短了解决贸易异常的时间. 亚洲准备好接受更短的结算周期了吗?

CBH: Moving to shorter settlement cycles will contribute to strengthening the regional financial system by reducing risk and creating greater operational efficiencies, 为投资者在与海外交易对手进行交易时提供更大的保障. However, this means that global investors will have less time to settle trades with Asian counterparties due to time zone differences, 增加交易延迟或失败的风险. More importantly, 向更短的结算周期转变,要求企业着眼于流程和技术的改进. 未能做出必要的改变将增加延迟或失败解决的可能性. 因为亚洲各地的自动化水平各不相同, 从完全自动化的前后平台到人工处理环境, meeting shorter settlement cycles can be challenging in markets that are using manual touchpoints throughout the post-trade process.

HR: How do you see the influence of China in the region and what does this mean for firms operating in Malaysia?

CBH:从资本市场的角度来看,中国和美国一样重要.S. 在吸引注意力和交易量方面. 而中国经济在很长一段时间内对外国参与者是封闭的, the country is loosening currency controls gradually and enabling access to its markets through a series of carefully planned strategic financial reforms. Steps in this direction include the opening of China’s capital markets to international trading through various channels, 例如“股票通”和“债券通”计划, China’s Interbank Bond Market and initiatives like Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) to permit greater foreign ownership of enterprises set up in China. 因为中国有潜力推动整个地区的创新议程, 亚洲国家需要创造独特的差异化来获得竞争优势.

人力推荐正规买球平台:印度是亚洲另一个同样重要的市场,正在吸引大量外国投资. 德银对印度的机遇有何看法?

CBH: At Deutsche Bank, 推荐正规买球平台认为亚洲有三大增长支柱:中国, India and ASEAN (which consists of 10 markets that are made up of the Association of South East Asian Nations). 中国和印度都提供了不同的机会. 两个市场的活力是一样的,企业不能为了一个而忽视另一个. The two markets have been initiating reforms programs to facilitate foreign access and repatriation of capital offshore. While not a monolithic market, 东盟10个成员国被视为一个蓄势待发的经济强国.

HR:东盟是一个分散的市场,各国处于不同的市场成熟阶段, how does Deutsche Bank navigate the complex ASEAN landscape considering local nuances and local market practices?

CBH: Deutsche Bank has been operating in six markets in ASEAN for quite some time now with some offices set up more than 40 years ago. 推荐正规买球平台认为,在岸业务是最终成功进入这些国内市场的关键, it is the in-country resources that help us to grow and expand our presence locally with support from local partners, where required.

HR: What are your thoughts on the growth opportunity for niche investments like Shariah-compliant Funds and sustainability responsibility investments?

CBH: In recent years, 在环保方面有了显著的增长, 社会和治理(ESG)投资. 为有社会责任感的市场参与者, ESG investing offers the opportunity to seek growth and positive returns by re-examining and changing their diversification strategy. Given the interest generated, there needs to be a common standard and governance structure for the industry to abide to ensure that the industry is able to meet legal, 跨司法管辖区的监管和道德义务,减少竖井的产生.

HR:公司开始考虑外包非关键的业务功能. Are there any changing trends in outsourcing and what are the do you think these firms are trying to achieve?

CBH: The drivers of outsourcing will not change: to achieve greater cost efficiency and gain strategic leverage. In today’s new normal, third parties are expected to have a fully automated infrastructure to support the demands of their clients. Firms, on the other hand, may have taken steps to revamp and automate their internal operations and processes to prepare for outsourcing. The challenge then is for third parties to be equipped with the right tools that can integrate with the client’s environment.


CBH:外包可能需要转移数字和个人数据, 公司应该调查有关数据保护的问题, data security and data privacy. At Deutsche Bank, 推荐正规买球平台遵守所有辖区内的监管要求. This includes fulfilling obligations such as India’s data rules to keep data onshore and Vietnam’s updated cybersecurity laws. 鉴于对外包安排的监管审查日益加强, 在与监管机构就具体要求进行磋商之前,企业应该把一切安排妥当.

HR: How does Deutsche Bank fulfill regulatory outsourcing obligations across the many markets in which it operates?

CBH: We believe that it is important for firms to understand the implications behind each regulatory obligation in addition to complying. On outsourcing compliance, 推荐正规买球平台正规的买球赛平台的不同角度审视推荐正规买球平台的义务, operations, risk management, business and client management. We need to have the right people with the right expertise in place to manage our various regulatory obligations. We do not underestimate the importance of effective communications and the need to build close working relationships with the home and host regulators.


CBH:在未来的几周、几个月、几年里,变化将是唯一不变的. Cutting- edge technology trends will continue to drive the industry forward – with focus on improving operational workflow and system connectivity. 这将最终为数字化颠覆奠定基础.