From left to right: Michael Capellas, Adam Ludwin 吉姆·罗宾逊四世 and 巴里·希尔伯特.

Blockchain is frequently compared to the Internet and other disruptive technologies that have created upheavel in industries and sparked new business models.  当然也有相似之处, there is a lot of discussion on how blockchain might differ from other disruptive technologies, particularly from an investment perspective and how it gets integrated into the fabric of the financial services industry.


在推荐正规买球平台这个话题的小组讨论中, 主持人迈克尔五车二, Capellas 合作伙伴创始人兼首席执行官, 开始谈论区块链作为一项投资. In 2015, venture capitalists invested approximately $500 million in about 75 projects of which roughly $200 million of came directly from banking institutions.

“有风险资本家的资金流入, 涉及的主要终端客户, 开源运动, 战略技术进入, 还有一个行业联盟. 所以,很明显,势头是存在的。. “实际投资是它的数倍. 所以,推荐正规买球平台现在能说的就是运动正在进行中.”

He further explained that a technology’s development phase is usually about five to seven years. 在那之后, 这项技术遇到了一个转折点, 18到24个月后, 这项技术发展到了不可逆转的地步. 他以互联网和云基础设施为例, 这两件事最初都遭到了冷嘲热讽. A few years down the line, however, these technologies became the infrastructures of choice.

在这方面, 区块链技术在理论上与其他破坏性技术相似, 鉴于它已经发展成为一项基础技术, is gaining attention and will hit an inflection point to echo the lifecycle of other technologies.

Jim Robinson四世,RRE Ventures的联合创始人和管理合伙人, explained that developing technologies tend to “travel in cycles and they absolutely rhyme if not repeat in terms of adoption.”

阐述了1991年以来互联网的发展, Robinson said that blockchain would follow a similar model of development due to its usability.

Adam Ludwin, Chain的联合创始人兼首席执行官.com, IP语音(VoIP), which provided voice services over the Internet and enabled technology companies to develop more services. He said that the concept of blockchain technology is similar in that it is digitally transmitted currency.

巴里·希尔伯特, Digital Currency Group创始人兼首席执行官, explained that history has proven that money is what society decides it is and that transactional volumes in bitcoin, 超过60亿美元.

“The amount of investment dollars flowing into [bitcoin] is at an all-time high. 该领域的投资者数量达到了历史最高水平. “So we have to not dismiss the idea that the world is ready for a decentralized digital form of money that, 坦率地说, 和黄金有相同的特性吗.”


  • 迈克尔·卡佩拉斯,Capellas 合作伙伴创始人兼首席执行官(主持人)
  • Jim Robinson四世,RRE Ventures的联合创始人和管理合伙人
  • Adam Ludwin, Chain的联合创始人兼首席执行官.com
  • 巴里·希尔伯特, Digital Currency Group创始人兼首席执行官


How blockchain technology will be rolled out across the financial industry 在接下来的几年里 was a key component of the panel discussion. 随着新的投资继续被带入区块链竞技场, panelists noted that the market is trying different approaches to implement the new technology in different areas of the industry.

Silbert以分散自治组织(dao)为例, 任何人都可以通过购买数字代币成为利益相关者, 哪些作为公司的股份. “It’s a very crazy concept, but we’re seeing real sums of money being raised,”他说.

Robinson noted that by 2020, the market could see some major changes after a period of trepidation. “从现在到2020年, you’re going to have three to five sovereign currencies that are floating around with this [digital token] that are major,”他说.

Ludwin spoke on network effects and how the technology will integrate into the infrastructure. “在一段时间内,这项技术会显得很普通, but the very important thing to remember about a network is that it has network effects,”他说. “And the first movers or smart early movers tend to accrue the most value over time.”


讨论宏观经济学, Capellas mentioned that distributed ledger technology growth in Asia is between 5%-6%, 在美国较低.S. 在包括28个国家的欧元区,这一比例仅为1%-2%. China currently has 800,000 registered Bitcoin users, representing 70% of the global volume. Judging from these numbers, America may possibly be falling behind in blockchain technology growth.

Silbert said that there is exponential growth in transactional volume in countries such as Mexico, 印度, 菲律宾, 肯尼亚, 尼日利亚和印尼. These are countries with high mobile device penetration rates combined with being at the receiving end of money being sent “back home.”

“推荐正规买球平台将看到人们没有银行账户的市场出现, 但他们有移动设备. If you have a mobile device, you have access to basic financial products,”他说. “We’re now starting to see businesses that are building products and services on top of that infrastructure.”

He also mentioned that governments in those particular countries are supportive and the regulatory landscape is less stringent.

罗宾逊重申他观察到了这一点, 因为美国的限制性监管环境, innovative technologies see a larger boom in other countries before they make it big in the U.S. In those countries where the industries are still developing and 垄断或寡头垄断 don’t currently exist, 它们提供了更好的采用和成长机会. 他以中国为例,那里不存在支票账户.

“中国没有支票账户. 它们从来都不合法……. 他们永远不会. They’re never going to adopt last century or two centuries ago paper-writing technology,”他说. “So, a lot of these systems that we’re talking about allow you to do things in a better way. 如果没有现存的一系列产业来阻止他们, 它们变成了新的, 在某些情况下, 垄断或寡头垄断.”

Ludwin said that politics of certain countries add to the attractiveness of blockchain technology for their citizens. In countries where it is illegal to move money outside the borders or to donate to certain political campaigns, 人们看重区块链技术提供的匿名性.

“Having a quasi-anonymous digital mechanism for transacting and living in that economy is a boon,”他说. “You see Bitcoin thriving in markets like China and in other markets for that reason, 对于这种数字黄金资产.”


As the panel came to a close, the message was clear: the financial marketplace is evolving. 随着越来越多的组织接受数字货币, the network effects will propagate the growth of blockchain technology through the industry, 可能会改变金融格局, 特别是在经济较不发达的国家, 在接下来的几年里.