Tim Keady 300 px - Building More Integrated Client Solutions is Top of Mind 存的Tim Keady首先考虑的是为中后台部门提供集成解决方案,为客户降低成本和风险, 董事总经理, 存的解决方案.

That is what clients are clamoring for, 说Keady, who has a keen awareness of their needs as head of 存的解决方案. A 20-year financial services veteran, Keady oversaw the Sales and Solution Delivery team, which includes Sales and 合作伙伴, Relationship Management, Global Solution Delivery, 市场营销 & Communications and Industry Relations, 直到2016年10月, when he assumed the additional assignment of heading 存的解决方案.

His responsibilities now include managing 存’s businesses in derivatives, 抵押品, institutional post-trade processing and data products, as well as 存’s joint venture company, 存-Euroclear Global Collateral Ltd. 存解决方案为存的股票和债券清算和结算核心业务提供免费正规的买球赛平台.

By aligning the Solutions business with Sales and Solutions Delivery, 存希望通过采用“由外而内”的客户方式来优先开发正规的买球赛平台,为客户和存带来价值和投资回报,从而获得额外的协同效应. “We have good relationships with our clients,”Keady说. “If we look at everything through the lens of the client, we’ll be able to create better products and services, while further enhancing the client experience,”他说.


Keady has been working with Murray Pozmanter, 董事总经理, Head of Clearing Agency 服务 and Global Operations Client 服务, 解决方案业务主管和其他人员来确定存的核心业务和解决方案中的正规的买球赛平台如何无缝地协同工作, for both the buy-side and sell-side. Their charge is to further reduce operational “pain points,” costs and risk for clients. Keady指出,去年推出的两项新的警报服务将这一愿景变为现实.

例如, Automating SSIs Together (ASSIsT)介绍了一项服务,让经纪自营商在警报平台上获取非自动买方公司的常设结算指示(SSI). 全球直接托管人(GC Direct)是另一个让托管人负责SSI的项目. 这些正规的买球赛平台的最终目标是集中ssi以减少失败交易的数量, which are costly for the industry.

除了, ssi也将成为存-Euroclear Global抵押品有限公司的核心部分.’s 保证金交通工具, 谁计划在一个直接通过的处理环境中在各方之间移动抵押品,以简化处理和结算保证金. This will make moving 抵押品 more efficient and less costly.

“这是客户希望推荐正规买球平台采用的正规的买球赛平台开发和集成的整体方法,”Keady说. “Our goal is to leverage our unique expertise and understanding of the industry, as well as insights and feedback from clients to bolster our product pipeline. If we are able to do this consistently, 推荐正规买球平台的客户将把推荐正规买球平台视为一个创新的合作伙伴,而不是一个金融技术供应商. That’s the sweet spot where we want to position the firm.”


Keady强调贸易状态管理器(TSM)是属于“集成解决方案”的另一个例子. TSM, slated to begin as a pilot program in April, is a platform to publish, view and communicate exceptions throughout the trade lifecycle process. TSM gives broker-dealers, 买方公司和托管银行在接近实时的通信渠道和审计跟踪中对他们的例外情况进行统一和集中的观察.

TSM设计的关键在于它的目标是在中间和后台办公室之间创造效率,从而为行业降低成本. TSM will also have an ancillary benefit in helping clients in the U.S. to meet their T+2 settlement obligations, as the product will reduce the time it takes to remedy fails and the associated expense. “With the cost pressures that all firms are facing, 对每个人来说,继续使他们的中间和后台处理自动化将是至关重要的,”Keady说.

Although clearing is a Core function within 存’s SIFMU businesses, Keady指出,为了实现公司提供集成正规的买球赛平台的目标,TSM是跨业务线创建的. 其设计的核心是存的解决方案旗下的一系列正规的买球赛平台——Omgeo Central Trade Manager, OASYS, TradeSuite ID和警报.

Blueprints for the Future

TSM、助理和GC Direct就如何将新正规的买球赛平台和服务推向市场提供了蓝图. Besides the benefit they provide as integrated solutions, all took less than a year from inception to launch. “客户对两三年的长期项目没有兴趣,”Keady解释说. “They need to reduce costs right now, 在市场上处于领先地位的解决方案将有更好的机会获得采用和长期成功. 推荐正规买球平台在解决行业运营挑战方面已经有了丰富的经验,现在推荐正规买球平台正在证明,推荐正规买球平台有能力在保持客户对推荐正规买球平台的高标准的同时迅速抓住机遇.”

Keady said he is particularly excited about 存最近宣布计划使用分布式分类账技术(DLT)来重新构建其贸易信息仓库的平台 (TIW). Calling it “a major breakthrough,他表示,这种类型的创新提高了存在业内的声誉,并将其与竞争对手区分开来. “就在一年前,推荐正规买球平台的一些竞争对手还在预测推荐正规买球平台会被区块链解决方案夺走, we’ve proven them wrong by becoming a leader in this area,”他解释说. TIW is 存’s post-trade processing system for credit default swaps. 存 is building the DLT solution with IBM, along with Axoni and R3.

Keady表示,这一举措可能产生长期效益,对衍生品市场以外的其他正规的买球赛平台产生积极影响. As the project progresses, 存及其合作伙伴将进一步了解DLT在后贸易过程中的其他潜在应用. “This is an exciting time and project to be involved in,”Keady说. “It can be a blueprint for other applications of DLT.”

Delivering Value to Clients

Keady指出,他从多年的面向客户的高级职位中学到的最重要的经验是,在正规的买球赛平台的整个生命周期中倾听客户的意见很重要, from inception to delivery. “That is the only way to make sure we are delivering the right value,”他说. “Product plans and business plans are never stagnant; they are always moving, 公司需要有能力适应市场条件和客户需求的变化.”

In the hundreds of meetings Keady has with clients each year, 他说,他们认为集成解决方案和更多的技术是新正规的买球赛平台开发的核心. “Innovation is important to them,”Keady说. But security of their data also remains a top concern. “客户希望确保他们的信息在一个安全的环境中是安全的,”他补充说.

整体, Keady表示,客户对存从正规的买球赛平台和客户服务的角度所取得的成就感到满意. 但他也指出,由于技术进步,商业的快速变化. 今天的正规的买球赛平台和服务需要发展和改进——并不断地交付价值, because the bar is always being raised. “Clients always expect more from their providers, and we have to be ready to meet that challenge,”Keady说. “我非常有信心,推荐正规买球平台在整个公司拥有合适的团队,以提升存在行业中的角色,并对推荐正规买球平台的客户产生更有意义的影响.”